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ICS AERO GROUP has 13 years of experience in the management, buying and selling of aircraft. We constantly study the conjuncture of the aviation market, reveal to you all the legal subtleties of aircraft purchase and sale operations, conduct a technical audit, and provide ground handling of the aircraft. You will get rid of paperwork and stressful situations.

Aircraft management

We believe that every need of aircraft owner is unique:

  • Our flexible and pragmatic approach to aircraft management ensures that we bring you the tailor-made service you require
  • We will look after every aspect of the operation of your aircraft while you will retain control
  • We shall relieve you from the daily routine associated with operating the aircraft

We ensure that:

  • Personal touch in all aspects is maintained
  • The operation of your aircraft complies with international safety standards and regulations
  • Our dispatch team is available for you 24/7
  • Our group policy gives you an access to exclusive and unique rates that your aircraft will use
  • Our experienced sales team provides you with the opportunity of reducing your costs with third party charters
  • Highly qualified crew for your plane

Our benefits:

San Marino (T7-) Registry Advantages

  • Regulatory framework in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards
  • Commitment to customer service and unprecedented delivery times
  • Very competitive fees and tariffs delivering exceptional value for money
  • A comprehensive network of inspectors working to the highest international standards
  • Time frame to register aircraft after airworthiness inspection (1-2 business days)
  • Mutual Recognition of EASA and FAA, Singapore and UAE 145 AMO
  • Aircraft owner details are confidential and not public record
  • High service levels and quality, stainless international reputation

Package for a Management Fee includes:

  • Flight co-ordination;
  • Route and flight planning;
  • Obtaining overflight and landing permissions;
  • Obtaining airport slots and managing air traffic control slots;
  • Obtaining handling arrangements for the aircraft, passengers, crew and luggage;
  • Organizing catering;
  • Organizing crew accommodation and transportation;
  • Sending out crew and airport briefings;
  • CAMO
  • Monthly reports showing all variable and fixed costs;
  • Promoting the aircraft for charter to reduce the fixed costs for the owner;
  • Administering flight crew coordination;
  • Organizing insurance;
  • Organizing and training for crew;
  • Efficient Invoice control and cost management;
  • All discounts for services relating to the aircraft are passed on directly to you. You benefit from discounts we receive;
  • Purchasing benefits through aircraft fleet contracts (maintenance, insurance, spare parts).

Aircraft consulting

Our professional team will provide you with detailed audit of all your current services and expenses. Due to many years of experience of aircraft managing we have access to prices of each services provider round the globe, that will help us to provide you with updated comparative analysis.

You will have:

  • Client Relationship Officer (CRO). The CRO is a senior member of our team who is assigned to each managed account and acts as the principal client liaison, having overall responsibility for the efficient operation of the aircraft. The CRO will be in touch with you at each step of an audit. Accounting Team.
  • Our Finance and Accounting group keeps our clients informed of their aircraft operating costs on a monthly basis with detailed financial reporting of expenses. This team will carefully check each invoice through their huge experience.
  • Operations and Maintenance Departments. ICS-AERO SM ensures that our aircraft is maintained, operated and managed with the highest professional safety standards in business aviation. These departments will accurately check and expertize if all the services were provided in accordance with requirements and necessity.

Aircraft purchase and sale

ICS AERO GROUP has own wealth of experience and expertise in aircraft purchasing and selling. We are dealing with all aspects of this complex process. We will help you with each step – from the legal bearings of the case up to the economic dimension. With our total support you will be disposed of all paperwork. We will scrutinize whole market and will provide you with complex benchmarking assessment.

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