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ICS Handling is a part of ICS-AERO GROUP and has more than 13 years experience in servicing our partners and own fleet. Using our personal Aircraft Operator experience, we surely know what exact level of quality you need.

Who we are

We are dynamic Ukrainian flight support services provider specializing in servicing corporate, charter, commercial and cargo flight operations in Ukraine and around the globe. We offer an excellent full service, reliable, high quality, with international standards for all type of flights, which we can guarantee through our massive communication network and great partnerships.


  • ICS Handling knows you expect the most and we are more than ready to serve you consistently and professionally and assure you that you are satisfied beyond your expectations. Our highly trained operations managers are dedicated to making each trip to Ukraine a pleasant experience.
  • Our team assists aircraft operators in obtaining Ukraine landing, slot coordination, hotel reservation and transportation, catering and other services that make your flight effortless.
  • We are continuously developing favorable relationship with airports, fuel and catering suppliers, hotel administration management. This allows us to make our clients the most advantageous price offer and provide services at the highest level.
  • Our experienced staff is ready to meet the requirements of our customers that vary considerably from standard up to the most challenging ones with minimum notice.

Services in Ukraine

  • Obtaining landing permits at Ukrainian airports.
  • Slot coordination
  • Organization of the ground handling on the ramp
  • 24-hour support by the dispatcher team. Permanent presence of the flight control company representative.
  • Duty 24hrs dispatch team will coordinate each step immediately
  • De-Icing fluid in the airport on request
  • For the passengers: VIP catering provided by our company or each restaurant upon request, registration and VIP-lounge order, transfer, hotel booking, etc.
  • Catering for crew, transportation, accommodation and other


ICS Handling has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring you receive the best service for all your flight preparations and requirements. The ICS Handling team is available 24 hours a day, to meet customers’ flight requirements. We will relieve you as an executive jet operator from all your flight arrangements and give you more time to concentrate on your passengers and your flight.

Due to more than 13 years of operation, our team has created a network of the most reliable partners around the globe, with the highest level of services and the best prices.

Our experienced staff is ready to meet the requirements of our customers that vary considerably from standard up to the most challenging ones with minimum notice.

Globe services advantages

  • Slot coordination.
  • Organization of the ground handling on the ramp.
  • Duty 24hrs dispatch team will coordinate each step immediately.
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation with fuel companies allow to refuel aircraft at the best price and as quickly as possible.
  • Any VIP catering upon request, transfer, hotel booking, etc.


ICS-AERO GROUP is an aviation partner with more than 13 years experience in aviation field. We have experience in managing a large number of different aircraft types, including such as Premier 1A, Hawker 800/850XP, Learjet 60/60XR, Gulfstream 150/200, Challenger 604/605, Global XRS, Global Express XRS, Falcon 900, Cessna XLS, Cessna Sovereign, MD 83 and so forth.

We would like to offer you our experience and our facilities in organizing and managing your flights.

Package for an Operation and Dispatch fee includes:

  • 24/7 professional dispatch team, provided with all the necessary software for organizing a flight of any complexity and urgency.
  • Flight co-ordination
  • Route and flight planning
  • Obtaining overflight and landing permissions
  • Obtaining airport slots
  • Thorough analysis of fuel prices, guaranteed selection of the cheapest supplier
  • Obtaining handling arrangements for the aircraft, passengers, crew and luggage
  • Organizing catering
  • Organizing crew accommodation and transportation
  • Sending out crew and airport briefings
  • Tracking of the flight 24/7
  • Efficient Invoice control and cost management

Our Key Advantages:

  • Aviation experience more than 13 years
  • Personal experience in operating own fleet
  • Experience in operating different types of aircraft
  • Worldwide link of strategic partners
  • Experienced accounting team
  • Convenient location of central office
  • Competitive prices

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