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TOP 9 advantages of private flights

May 24, 2020

Perhaps you have already appreciated the benefits of flying in business jets. Maybe you are still thinking, continuing to fly in a comfortable, but far from ideal, business class.

What else do business aviation companies offer besides luxury and increased comfort?

1. Lack of queues during boarding and unloading, quick and easy passport control.
The process of customs inspection in the terminal for the departure of private aircraft is maximally simplified. There are no queues or bureaucracy, and you will be surprised how quickly you pass it.

2. The absence of commercial restrictions on the carriage of baggage.
Of course, the ban on ammunition, narcotic substances and flammable items does not apply only to civil aviation. However, with regard to problematic oversized items and non-standard luggage such as a bicycle, aqualung, ski or your favorite guitar, the commercial restrictions on the transportation of things do not apply to private jets. In addition, checking the baggage of private planes is much easier and faster than on regular flights.

3. You determine your route.
Together with the coordinator, you can create the perfect flight plan. Departure time, number of stops and the airport where you want to land depends exceptionally on your choice.

4. The ability to work during the flight.
Satellite communications and excellent wi-fi will be available to you throughout the flight.

5. The ability to relax, even during the long flights.
Comfortable chairs, a relaxation area with a comfortable sofa and TV, and even a separate bedroom – choose where you will relax during the flight.

6. Your individual menu with dishes from the best restaurants.
Professional chefs prepare dishes for passengers of private planes. They will take into account not only your wishes, but also the features of the “high cuisine”. Indeed, in the sky, your taste buds perceive the taste of the usual food in a slightly different way.

7. A wide range of entertainment for you and your children.
Entertainment will be ordered and agreed in advance. You can ask your flight manager to pick your favorite music up, prepare games, books, magazines, toys, etc. You will certainly be offered a selection of fresh films and cartoons.

8. The ability to transport animals in comfortable conditions.
Your pets deserve more than flying in the luggage compartment. On board of a private jet, they will receive all the benefits of a comfortable flight – from comfortable sofas and armchairs to individual meals and entertainment.

9. A professional crew that knows everything about their plane.
Typically, pilots and flight crew are assigned to a specific aircraft. Flying over the years on the same jet, they know everything about it. This is an indisputable advantage not only in matters of your comfort, but also in your safety.