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Plane spotting

May 26, 2020

Plane spotting is a type of hobby when a person observes aircraft and registers them. Spotting is usually accompanied by photographing. However, for professional spotters, it is important to record the type and board number of the aircraft. Therefore, they differ from ordinary aviation photographers.

Today, the administration of airport understands that spotting is a good PR for the company and in every way helps fans to take beautiful photos of airplanes. For example, in the fences of some airfields, you can see special windows for photographers. In addition, many airports organize open spotting days, where participants get the opportunity to take pictures of aircraft in comfortable conditions.

However, the best photos are not made at official events, but behind the fence. Sometimes spotters have to walk a long time on the field, climb a tree or on the roof of a car to catch a rare shot.

The most popular – photo takeoff and landing aircraft. Dynamic frames are the most valuable. Particular luck is capturing a runway landing gear touch with steaming rubber tires. Moreover, the most spectacular shooting angle is under the glidepath of the runway.

Beginners take pictures of all planes in a row. However, with experience, popular models become not interesting to them, and they try to photograph only rare sides. Ukrainian spotters like to make shots of rare Soviet-made aircraft. In general, everyone is striving to be the first to capture new models and new liveries (a unique airplane color for each airline).