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Covid-19 in the history of world aviation

Oct 28, 2020

2020 is the year that will undoubtedly mark the history of global aviation. Quarantine, self-isolation and other measures against COVID-19 are disadvantages for practically any business. Most countries close their airspace. Passenger airlines are the first to suffer.

The global airline market – one of the main victims of the coronavirus epidemic – is preparing for even more trouble than in the spring. The hardest part of the year ahead is the fourth and first quarters of the year, when the demand for carrier services falls significantly after the summer vacation season. According to IATA estimates, the world’s air traffic does not recover until 2024.

What about the aviation business? Small business jets have transported thousands of tourists who are trapped in a foreign country. Demand for private jets (against the backdrop of suspended scheduled and chartered flights between countries) is growing and gaining popularity. There has been a large surge in requests for private aircraft. Private flights are a loophole and a chance to stay on the fly in a literal and metaphorical way. Anyway, the fact is, private jets have allowed hundreds of concerned businessmen and their employees to return to work.

It is worth noting that business jet operators observe the same restrictions as airlines. The routes that an airline can offer depend on the nationality and location of the passengers. The rules of entry into and exit from the Old Ones are changing very dynamically.

The benefits of flying business jets in a pandemic are also worth noting. First of all, the number of passengers on board doesn’t usually exceed 13. There are no strangers on board – just you and the crew. Secondly, private flights are subject to separate registrations, which are blocked by a large number of people. Third, disinfecting the salon on small business jets is much easier. So you can minimize the risk of contracting coronavirus, which is extremely small.

The COVID-19 events are already having an irreversible impact on all types of business, including aviation, and there is no hope for improvement. Coronavirus could cause the largest decline in the aviation industry since the 2008 crisis.