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Advantages of charter flights

  • You are organizing a business or entertainment in accordance only with your own schedule and individual needs. 
  • Do not waste time on staying near check-in desks and do not stand in queues for customs control.
  • Wile your staying at the airport coordinates our representative, you can tasting flavored coffee and studied the latest businesspress.
  • You will be able to change the route by notifying our operator in advance.
  • We will get permission to take off and land as soon as possible, providing the most optimal time of flight.
We have made our job as easy as calling +380 44 272-60-15 for a competitive quote.
We know people like to have control of their time so we make your job easy. You can call with only a few hours notice and we can secure any aircraft at competitive pricing.
We provide access to a large number of private airports across the world . When you fly on a private you make your own schedule. For instance let's say you have 3 meetings in different cities one day. It is very convenient to fly on your own schedule and not have to worry about connecting flights and flight delays! 
Range and number of passengers determine the type of aircraft, the most suitable choice. Also, important role play budget and personal preference. 
Benefits to chartering an aircraft from  “ICS Aero” are clear:
•No more crowded airport terminals
•You decide what schedule you follow
•Your choice from a range of aircraft ideally suited to your requirements
•Travel with people you want to travel with
•Enjoy the peace and comfort of your own space
•A flight attendant dedicated to your group
•Your decision on in-flight catering
•No more hanging around baggage reclaim hoping that your luggage made the same flight you did